S6 Global is a virtual currency exchange that was established in 2019. Users can trade different kinds of cryptocurrencies on the platform. At present, it has mature product lines such as digital resource trading system and wallet, and has built an industrial closed loop of technical services, traffic and commercialization. S6 Global's goal is to provide a safe and professional trading environment in Southeast Asia. It is suitable for institutional investors and a large number of traders, while promoting the wider use of cryptocurrencies in the financial sector.


S6 Global hosted their platform at local ISV which served their global customer worldwide. S6 found out that

# The original website data access response speed is not fast enough, customer’s experience is bad.

# The original platform stored customer personal information and related transaction data at local ISV’s secured servers and back-up their data at another facility. S6 needs high encryption and environmental to keep their operational data and need tools to analyze customer historical information and behaviors.

# The original platform’s previous email sending service which delivery rate was not fast enough and not delivered on time.

# S6 need cost control and the ability to deploy their app service services quickly.


S6 Global chose to use AWS' cloud computing services to support its website and back-end infrastructure, including: Cloudfront, S3, Athena and RDS. Virtual currency platforms may use these services to store user data, transaction records, and other important information.

# CloudFront is used to increase website access nodes and speed, with fast website loading speed and low latency, and can quickly deploy services to the world. Customer can offer and deliver their content of web data and order information via S3 and EBS for increased access performance and reliability by using Cloudfront.

# S3 which can offer industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance with 99.999999999% (11 9s) of data durability. Also it can assist customers to import Amazon Athena analytics queries, import Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), dump historical data from the database, increase database performance, and use Amazon Athena for analysis.

# Amazon Location Service makes it easy to add location capabilities such as maps, points of interest, geocoding, routing, tracing, and geofencing to its applications without sacrificing data security and user privacy.

# AWS Amplify is a complete solution that enables front-end web and mobile developers to quickly build, roll, and host full-stack applications on AWS, with the flexibility to leverage a wide range of AWS services for use case developments.


# By integrating Cloudfront, Location Service and other tools provided by AWS, it simplifies the time and cost of global deployment and effectively accelerates customers' global deployment

# The operating cost was reduced by about 50%, which significantly reduced the labor cost of the company.

# Integrate the original delivery platform and import AWS SES to solve the bottleneck of the old platform delivery and deliver the problem list alarm notification in real time.

# Improve speed and agility: Through the introduction of the Amplify process, there is no human intervention from the previous stage to compilation, testing and deployment, which greatly reduces the probability of deployment errors and increases efficiency.

AWS Architecture

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