Established in 2003, Hi-Lai Foods Co., Ltd. upholds the principles of integrity, service, diligence, and innovation. Operating multiple branded restaurants, Hanlai has a large team of chefs and a professional brand marketing team. Continuously developing food, beverages, desserts, and other products, Hanlai provides high-quality service and environment to attract diverse consumer groups.


Hi-Lai Foods aims to drive digital transformation by developing a new mobile application that meets the following requirements:

- Integration with local data center systems.
- Unknown traffic challenges after system launch.
- Low-latency user experience and system security.
- Control of equipment, personnel, and operation costs.
- Management of cybersecurity risks.
- User data analysis.


To meet these requirements, Hi-Lai Foods ultimately chose AWS as its digital transformation platform and partnered with Archi as its service provider.

- Build a highly available and scalable service architecture by combining ELB with Fargate Auto Scaling Group.
- Secure and fast connection of local data center systems via Site-to-Site VPN.
- Improve consumer experience by caching product-related information with CloudFront connected to S3.
- Ensure fast and efficient message delivery with SNS.
- Enhance application security with WAF.
- Strengthen security and compliance by recording personnel and system operation information with CloudTrail.
- Utilize Glue for user data machine learning and analysis to provide accurate information quickly.
- Provide efficient and flexible database architecture with Aurora.
- Regularly scan for system vulnerabilities with Inspector.


- Save over 30% on hardware, personnel, and operation costs.
- Secure and fast connection between local data center systems and cloud services, ensuring secure data transmission and interoperability.-
- Automatic scaling and load balancing to ensure high availability and elasticity.
- Fast and efficient message delivery with SNS, improving service efficiency and user engagement.
- Prevent network attacks, monitor and control cybersecurity risks, repair security vulnerabilities, and reduce security risks and losses.
- Quickly extract useful information for personalized recommendations, behavior analysis, and improved user experience and service value.

AWS Architecture

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