ANIKICHEM CO., Ltd. Headquartered in Taiwan, was established in 2000. ANIKICHEM has over 20 years of experience in the rubber and plastic raw materials industry. We have professional rubber and plastic acknowledge and good reputation in the industry around the world. With rich experience and precise vision, we are expanding the scope of business. ANIKICHEM has a total of 4 branches, which are located in China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand. European and American markets are also developing.

ANIKICHEM collects the market trends and reacts to the rapid demand in the market. In addition to the distribution rights of many internationally renowned suppliers, we develop new raw materials and continue to expand our product lines and markets. Anikichem gathers many rubber and plastic raw materials in Taiwan and overseas, and is committed to developing a smooth channel and bringing high quality products to the world.


Due to the growing business of ANIKICHEM, they need to upgrade their ERP system. ANIKICHEM chose to use SAP B1 HANA for their future ERP system with Taiwan Auto Design Co. (TADC) as SAP consultant. For the server hosting, they chose AWS with Archi Solution CO., Ltd. as Cloud Consulting. ANIKCHEM encountered a problem, mainly is unfamiliar with cloud services and at the same time requires service quality, because ANIKCHEM has four locations around the world, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, and its own headquarters in Taichung, Taiwan. When all users go online, through the general internet network there were security risks and China's network connection quality were not stable. ANIKICHEM also requires future server fees to be competitive.


• Create a new VPC and plan subnets to classify public, private, using Internet gateways, NatGateways, to avoid wasting IPV4.
• Assist SAP consultant to build systems on Linux and optimize DB performance to save costs.
• In Security Groups, allowed fixed IP, specific Port is enabled to avoid system intrusion detection.
• Enabled several AWS services to monitor SAP B1 HANA server and secure customer’s data by using AWS Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS), AWS Identity and Access Management (AWS IAM) and enabled AWS CloudTrail to track customer activity in AWS Console.
• Assist ANIKICHEM to purchase right EC2 Reserved Instance for enabling 30%+ cost optimization.


• Speed up business deployment for their business, and avoid complex deployment operations and communications compared to previously service provider.
• Cost savings 30%-50% compared to previous on-site expenses.
• Maintain high latency with stable connection between each branch around the global.

AWS Architecture

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