Chien-Fu International Co., Ltd. is a traditional hardware processing factory located in New Taipei City, Taiwan. The main business is traditional hardware processing and manufacturing. It introduces five-axis processing machines, various advanced CNC vertical/horizontal milling machines, five-sided gantry processing machines and spiral bevel gear processing machines. Due to the changes of the times, hardware processing has been gradually digitized, and the old traditional production model has been unable to meet the development of digital technology. How to effectively combine the application of technology, improve the efficiency of the process, and the function of innovative products has become Chien-fu International to enhance its corporate competitiveness, seeking sustainable development.


Chien-Fu International will discuss from the two aspects of operation management and marketing strategy. Because it is a traditional hardware processing, it has long-term cooperation customers, and operation management has become the most important part. Due to the digitization of machines and the diversification and miniaturization of products, Chien-Fu International needs an ERP system that can assist in digital transformation to manage the company's logistics support. In addition, due to the limited space of the company's premises and the lack of employees' knowledge of new technologies, Chien-fu International also needed a set of cost advantages and stable cloud services to support the new ERP.


To integrate all requirements, Chien-fu chooses to use SAP B1 and Amazon Cloud for future need.

• Create a new Amazon VPC and plan subnets to classify public, private, using Internet gateways, NatGateways, to avoid wasting IPV4.
• Assist Taiwan Auto Design Co (TADC) SAP consultant to build systems on Windows server and optimize DB performance to save costs.
• In Amazon Security Groups, allowed fixed IP, specific Port is enabled to avoid system intrusion detection.
• Assist Chien-Fu to match the fixed IP of the local telecom and stabilize the connection quality to AWS.
• Enabled several AWS services to monitor SAP B1 server and secure customer’s data by using Amazon Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Amazon Key Management Service (AWS KMS), Amazon Identity and Access Management (AWS IAM) and enabled Amazon CloudTrail to track customer activity in AWS Console.
• Assist Chien-Fu to purchase Amazon EC2 Reserved Instance for enabling 30%+ cost optimization.


• Speed up business deployment for their business, and avoid complex deployment operations and communications.
• Efficient use of space on the factory.
• Maintain high latency with stable connection.

AWS Architecture

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