CINPOS Technology is a professional company that provides system analysis and integration, cloud system integration development, customized electronic application platforms, app development, and AIoT system development. We offer comprehensive solutions to meet various needs, striving to create customized solutions that meet expectations and enhance competitiveness for both enterprises and individuals.


CINPOS Technology observed opportunities in the local breakfast market and decided to develop a new mobile application. However, during the project execution phase, lack of manpower and technical expertise led to delays in development progress. Upon the completion of the system, there is a need to build a more secure and reliable system architecture with limited personnel to ensure service quality, safety, and cost management. Additionally, there is a need to further analyze consumer behavior through digital marketing tools to enhance user engagement with the application.


- Build a highly available and scalable service architecture by combining ELB with EC2 Auto Scaling Group.
- Enhance consumer experience by linking CloudFront with S3 to cache product-related information.
- Utilize Pinpoint for user analysis, behavior tracking, and message delivery to better understand user needs, formulate precise marketing strategies,
and improve user engagement and loyalty.
- Implement SQS and SNS for fast and efficient message delivery, including promotional messages.
- Use API Gateway to connect with Lambda for fast, highly available, and low-latency API services.
- Employ Cognito for user authentication mechanisms.
- Enhance application security with WAF.
- Strengthen security and compliance by recording personnel and system operation information with CloudTrail.
- Utilize Aurora for efficient and flexible database architecture.
- Regularly scan for system vulnerabilities with Inspector to mitigate security risks.


- Save over 30% on hardware, personnel, and operation costs.
- Ensure high availability and elasticity with automatic scaling and load balancing.
- Improve service efficiency and user engagement with fast and efficient message delivery.
- Enhance security by preventing network attacks, monitoring, and controlling security risks.
- Increase user experience with highly available and low-latency API services.
- Boost user engagement with precise marketing strategies.
- Lower technical barriers with fully managed services.
- Accelerate development time by over 50% with comprehensive application integration services.

AWS Architecture

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