FuturePnp was founded in 2020. FuturePnP’s team is a financial industry-born company, mainly to accept the commission of a variety of listed cabinet companies research reports. Many research departments in the financial industry are cost units, in order to control costs, it is inevitable that all-encompassing must be outsourced. FuturePnP was born. Accept commissions from the financial industry, the general corporate finance department, or financial websites to tailor research reports tailored to customer needs, or face-to-face fellows for individual briefings. In response to customer demand, the development system to do related financial websites and APPs to provide customers with reference.


1. Customers need to quickly analyze the daily trading status of Taiwan stocks and generate analysis reports.
2. The system needs to immediately notify VIP customers to make decisions.
3. The current architecture cannot bear the instantaneous large traffic.
4. It is hoped that labels can be established for customer investment behavior, and after investment behavior analysis and result comparison, key reports will be given for specific customers.


• Teaching through the eksctl instruction to write yaml files, planning a set of EKS Cluster, using the entire management of managedNode, and set autoScaler, cloudWatch, labels to improve each service planning configuration.
• And teach cloudwatch set threshold monitoring, send alert information through SNS, Lambda.
• Enabled several AWS services to monitor SAP B1 HANA servers and secure customer’s data by using AWS Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS), AWS Identity and Access Management (AWS IAM) and enabled AWS CloudTrail to track customer activity in AWS Console.
• Collect daily transaction data to S3 through Lambda, and then use the Quicksight program to export statistical results for machine learning ML user behavior analysis.
• The report output is generated through the CDN to generate a user-specific link, and the SES/SNS is connected in series to notify VIP customers that they can read and view it.


1. Customers use SES and SNS services to instantly send event emails and mobile phone push notifications to VIP customers to enhance customer experience.
2. Save the historical data on the S3 service for cross-analysis with customer investment behavior, and use the CDN service to allow users to browse the report smoothly.
3. Use Quicksight for data analysis and investment behavior analysis, learn through ML, and provide indexed value-added services to customers.

AWS Architecture

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