Lion-corp. Taiwan is a subsidiary of Japan Lion Co., Ltd. in Taiwan. Lion Corporation is one of the largest consumer goods companies in Japan, manufacturing and selling toothpaste, toothbrushes, soaps, detergents, hair care/skin care products, kitchenware, pharmaceuticals, and other products in Japan, as well as in Asian countries and regions. Founded in 1891 in Japan, the company has a history of over 130 years. In order to cope with increased demand, improving system stability and process efficiency has become a key factor in enhancing the company's competitiveness.


To upgrade their ERP system, Lion-corp has chosen to use SAP B1 for their future ERP system. However, Lion-corp encountered an issue as they were unfamiliar with cloud services and had requirements for service quality. For the server hosting, they chose AWS with Archi Solution CO., Ltd. as Cloud Consulting partner to assist with system replacement and upgrade. Currently, Lion-corp has branches in multiple countries, including Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Indonesia, etc. The requirement is to be able to operate the ERP system without limitations of environment and devices. Therefore, they chose to integrate Amazon WorkSpaces as a replacement for traditional desktops. Users only need to download the Amazon WorkSpaces client application and can log in through account and password for remote access.


To integrate all requirements, Lion-corp chooses to use SAP B1 and Amazon Cloud for future need.

• Create a new Amazon VPC and plan subnets to classify public, private, using Internet gateways, NatGateways, to avoid wasting IPV4.
• In Amazon Security Groups, allowed fixed IP, specific Port is enabled to avoid system intrusion detection.
• Assist Lion-corp to match the fixed IP of the local telecom and stabilize the connection quality to AWS.
• Enabled several AWS services to monitor SAP B1 server and secure customer’s data by using Amazon Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Amazon Key Management Service (AWS KMS), Amazon Identity and Access Management (AWS IAM) and enabled Amazon CloudTrail to track customer activity in AWS Console.
• Assist Lion-corp to purchase Amazon EC2 Reserved Instance for enabling 30%+ cost optimization.
• Assist in setting up Amazon WorkSpaces, enabling users to have their own independent environments that can be quickly scaled up.


• Speed up business deployment for their business, and avoid complex deployment operations and communications.
• Cost savings 30%-50% compared to previous on-site expenses.
• Maintain high latency with stable connection between each branch around the global.
• No geographical restrictions, just download Amazon WorkSpaces and you can log in with your account and password to start operating.

AWS Architecture

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