Wall-e CDN is a security protection product which developed by Insight-Software Co., Ltd. It provides DDOS information security solutions for enterprises and cyber companies. Its services were provided in traditional co-location ISV providers. In recent years, the demands for network security defends have increased sharply, and traditional infrastructure were unable to provide flexible services effectively. In order to provide more diversified services to customers, Wall-e transferred their infrastructure to AWS. From the basic 3-tier cloud service architecture, and gradually increase the use of AWS managed services, microservices and serverless services, so that Wall-e CDN can able to provide faster and more effective solutions to global customers. Now manufacturers or enterprises need to defend specific lines or cyber-attacks over the internet, Wall-e CDN has all the abilities to help customers to defense those negative impacts.


1. Customers has required a global network deployment solution for support their minimum latency requirements
2. Another issue which is the CICD process, where customers often delay releases due to maintenance internal Git failures. Therefore, we recommend that they may switch from Git to CodeCommit to use with Docker to harden the process and deploy new models on additional high-performance instances. Otherwise, whenever every time new code is released, they have to deploy it themselves, which can be cost a lot of burden.
3. When a customer suffers a DDoS attack, in addition to rapid defense, it is also necessary to notify the customer as soon as possible.
4. It is necessary to analyze the usage status of customers and actively assist customers to improve network problems.


During the process, the customer moves the code from GitLab to CodeCommit, and EKS is triggered to release the automated process after the version update. Cloudwatch is used to monitor system services every minute throughout the process. The overall architecture is deployed to 3 groups of AZs with high reliability, and the process is automated by ELB. Dispatch, use Redis to reduce DB loading, use Aurora concurrently to separate high-efficiency read and write, after unified operation, send static data back to S3 for sending by CDN, and import QuickSight to import the latest consumer information to obtain market data for decision makers to interpret Work on ideas for future development versions.


1. Customers use SES and SNS for speed up the efficiency and stability of product advertisements and get instant feedback.
2. Use CDN to accelerate global customers' immediate access to product information and reduce network latency by 25%.
3. Combined with Quicksight, data visualization reports can be presented to marketing decision makers for analysis and interpretation.
4. The architecture built on AWS makes the system safer, more reliable, better in performance, and the cost is controlled, which meets the customer's operational needs.

AWS Architecture

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